Every day you can get one or two erotic e-mails here. There are two different erotic categories you may sign up for:

In the OnlyGirls category beautiful erotic girls are mailed. In those e-mails there are primarily pretty girls, sometimes bi sexual or as a group, but always tasteful (in my opinion).

In the Heterosex category there is sex between man and woman - as couple or in groups. It is generally categorised as porn. However I want to be above the usual filth and distribute only material which is hot in nature but also esthetically sophisticated.

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You can see samples in the pages for both groups for downloading (see above in Examples OnlyGirls and Examples Heterosex).

For legal reason (German Law for the Protection of Minors) all files sent here are censored!  The German law is very strict and I am obliged to censorship. To receive uncensored mails an age verification has to be processed!


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