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Roland Beer
Beinsteiner Straße 51
71394 Kernen i.R
Telephone: +49-(0)7151/1693124
Sales tax identification number: DE253383489
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Please also refer to the user terms of the mails.

Statement for Copyright:
Generally it is not allowed to modify or forward the files received from eromail2u to a third party!
Explanation: eromail2u exclusively distributes files / contents which has been provided to eromail2u for promotion purposes. Due to the fact that these files are not my peculiar property, I cannot grant that the owners of the contents I send agree on forwarding the files. Generally the companies shall agree on forwarding the files unmodified because this grants for becoming more popular, but this is only my point of view, and due to the fact that I don't have allowance, I have to prohibit any forwarding.

The layout of my homepage and the mails, the graphics which are used as well as other contents is copyrighted.

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