The idea of the Erotic-Club is to receive uncensored erotic files.

Based on the Jugendschutzgesetz (German Law for the Protection of Minors), I am not allowed to make my files available to everyone. Therefore anyone who wants uncensored files has to go through my process of age verification. Age verification For many this may be a nuisance but unfortunately it is a must.

For club membership I am charging a protection fee of one Euro per month (1 €). One Euro is approximately 1.36 Dollars.

For this you receive not only all files of the free mailing list uncensored, but in addition to that probably so many that won’t see all of them. There are the following additional services:

  • You get in addition the entire uncensored picture gallery (if existing) of the free mailing list (limited to approx. 20 pictures). These are very often more than 200 pictures per gallery.
  • Each day you get additional uncensored erotic links to consistently new erotic pages with pictures or videos. In the past 12 months these were on average 206,8 links per month, which are approx. 6,9 per day.
  • Every day you get in addition to the 8 G-rated “Picture-of-the-day”-Girls (these are the pictures on the left side of the mail on which you could click on) 97 uncensored girls. Note well per day!
  • In total I have sent in the past 12 months on average 293,1 files per month. There were on average 6721,5 MB per month for the uncensored mailing list. Per day you could calculate it to approx. 9,8 files with approx. 224,0 MB per day.
  • As this is of course too much for a daily transmittal you have the possibility in the club that I sent you just the text mail without attachments or with attachments of max. 10MB. Everything that won’t be sent with the mail is available for you as download link.
All this you get for 1 Euro (approximately 1.36 Dollars). I hope you take note that for one Euro for so many files you can’t talk about “payment”. If this webpage would be orientated commercially, I must request much more than that. Please tell me a webpage that could offer more!

This one Euro per month is used only to cover my expenses. The costs for my server are not negligible and my wife is not willing to open our cash box for my hobby.

This one Euro shall be particulary an appreciation for my extreme expenditure in time.

In order to underline that I won’t earn money here, I offer alternatively that all donation receipts that are issued on my name are accepted as means of payment. And so it works:
  • You donate to the organizations recommended by the DZI
  • You mention my email-address on the donation receipt in order that it could be sent to me. My address because I would like that in fact it is donated because of the club. I would like to avoid that a donation that was planned anyway will be then sent to me. Sure, that I could add the donation receipt to my tax declaration, however, I “earn” just a fraction of that I would get elsewise.
  • you write a message to me at the contact form of my webpage in order that I know who arranged the donation receipt.
  • When I have received the donation receipt, I will credit you the club days.
Hence you did something for good and must not transfer money to me. :-)


©2017 Impressum
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