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how it all began Or why I am doing all this?)

Probably everyone of us forwarded once an email with funny content to friends or acquaintances. That's what I did as well and how it started. It started with a simple redirection and eventually became much more.. I would have never thought that the Internet is truly endless fun and erotic, too :-)

Here is a chronicle of my distributor:

  • 1998, I probably for the first time could no longer distribute incoming file attachments completely on the same day to my acquaintances, because some could only receive 2 MB per day.
    So I sent only a maximum of 2 MB per day and the rest is distributed only on days when the volume was smaller.
  • Since 2000, it was so much that I no longer was able to send only from Monday to Friday to get rid of the 2 MB so I used the weekends in addition. That was then, when I had to shift from the office (yes, even back then it was possible) to the home.
  • From 2002 I supplied other people than my friends almost daily with Fun. Either my receivers were forwarding to stressful (and have asked whether I could supply their friends), or some have by word of mouth contacted me ..
  • In 2003, I had over 150 recipients. Then came the problems that some only could receive little and others could not get enough. Therefore, I establish the 4 Fun Groups (up to 400KB, to 2 MB to 5 MB, and up to 10 MB).
  • Also in 2003, I then introduced the erotic distributor, actually a byproduct of Fun Distributor. Because of the Fun Distributor I got a few erotic things, which would be distributed as well.
  • In January 2004, my distributor really started growing and I have received some inquiries, which I wanted to manage with a website. I have requested the domain I never thought that such a great name is still available :-)))
    And even then, I have my mails with the now almost unchanged footnote. Also I have only the files with my logo (in the PPS on the last page and in the ZIP files TXT file)
  • In August 2004, I added the group with additional erotic "xxx content" for my friends and good Fun-/Erotic Supplier introduced (which was the distribution group H.S.). Because of time constraints another public group was no longer possible.
  • Between May and October 2005, everything suddenly interrupted. On 18 May 2005, the police came in my house with a search warrant. Someone had tipped me off in December 2004 for disseminating pornographic writings. Click here for the whole story (but long)
  • Since May 2006, I finally send again my uncensored erotica mails. However, this time with Age verification on, so that everything is legal.
  • Since April 2007, I send the distribution groups erotic with boys, so girls and gays have something to look at. However, I am only the sender of the files. Because of lack of time (and because I am not that interested in man), I have a nice helper with the files (his name is Mike). Again, there are adult only and General material.
  • As of mid-June 2007, I am sending the distribution group with digital images. Those are just nice pictures of all themes: nature, animals, Macro, cars, etc. Not really for the fun distributor that' why it has its own distributor site.
  • In September 2007, I was forced by the law for the protection of minors to separate my fun and Digital Distribution from the erotic material. The Erotic sides had special markings so that youth protection software can block those pages. Of course I did not want that for my Fun site and so there is now a separate page
Since the beginning of 2004 I spend about every day at least three houres per day for the distribution. Often, my friends, but especially my wife why do I need this stress? It truly is stress because I actually send each day. And every day is really exhausting. One might even think that I am an obsessed hacker, no friends who only knows his PC.

My PC is a real hobby of mine, but my wife and I (no kids) have a large social circle and we are active in two clubs. We usually go twice a week to the Fitness Center and I in the summer months with my garden well I have a bunch to do. An obsessed hacker certainly does not have as much stress :-)

And yet I have to answer the question "why this stress, if there is no money?" Only one answer: I enjoy it, I like to do it and I ignore the few rude assholes, outnumbered by the many friendly contacts. I am proud of myself that there is still something in life, you don't have to pay for. That is a good thing!

In addition after I was tipped off, I was pretty stunned. I actually wanted to quit. But because I am still convinced that someone held a crutch against me (someone with similar offers but for money), i continue inspite of it. The little club now covers my costs, and it is even enough for a dinner for me and my wife every two to three weeks. But everything else remains free so that those people who want to compete with me for money are really pissed off. :-)

So now you know my life story. If the monitor is dripping from my sentimental tears close down this site quickly and plug the hole on your screen:-)))


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